Allan Houser, Mother's Thoughts, 1987
From the Linda Clevenger and Seth Brunner Collection

Recent Gifts
from the Southwest

Oct 4 - Dec 7, 2018

Over the past two years, the C.N. Gorman Museum has been honored with gifts of artwork from numerous private collections. The Fall exhibition is a selection of artworks by contemporary and historical artists from the Southwest region that includes sculpture, painting, and multimedia works alongside ceramics, textiles, and basketry.

Alberta Analla
Octavio Andrew
Sylvester Aquilla, Sr.
Angela Baca
Roberto Banuelos
Berdine Begay
Harrison Begay
Mary Cain
Joe Cajero Jr.
Caroline L. Carpio
Herbert and Esther Cellicion
Berdina Charley
Melissa Concho Antonio
Adee Dodge
Bertha Gachupin
Carl N. Gorman
Mary Histia
Allan Houser
Rondina Huma
Doug Hyde
Terrol Dew Johnson
Michael Kabotie
Fannie King
Kathryn Kooyahoema
Martha Kooyahoungva
Joyce Leno
Ophelia S. Leon
Lucy Lewis
Antonio “Tseme” Lujan
Sadie Marks
Marvin and Frances Martinez
Elizabeth Medina

Rowena Mora
Dan Namingha
Michael Namingha
Adelle Nampeyo
Glenda Naranjo
Maria I. Naranjo
Etta Peacock
Anderson and Avelia Peynetsa
Pat Pruitt
Betty Quezada
Virginia Romero
Devine Routzen Reano
Raymond Sequaptewa
Juanita C. Shije
Stella Shutiva
Gregorio “Goyo” Silveira
Ryan Singer
Camilio “Sunflower” Tafoya
Vangie Tafoya
Joe and Thelma Talachy
Dorothy Torivio
Rita Toya
Dorothy Trujillo
Juanita Tsalate
Andrew Tsinajinie
Ben Tsosie
Adrian Vallo
Robert Vigil
Nellie Yazzie
Bennie Nelson "Yellowman"
Bessie Yepa
Marcella Yepa

Exhibition Lecture by
Dr. Anya Montiel

Nov 2 @ 2:30

Currently an assistant professor of art history at the University of Arizona, Dr. Montiel received her PhD in American Studies from Yale University and worked in the museum field for ten years, including seven years at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. Dr. Montiel is also an alumna from UC Davis, Native American Studies.

This exhibition was made possible through
the generous gifts of artwork and sponsorship from:

Jürg and Christel Bieri
John W. Brinley
Linda Clevenger and Seth Brunner
Gloria and Selig Kaplan
The Masuoka Family
Carol and Don Tallman
Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie
Museum Membership Fund

Dorothy Torivio, Acoma Pueblo vase
Gift of John W. Brinley

Dan Namingha, Twilight #14, 2015
From the Bieri Family Collection