Protest & Prayer
Jan 10 - Mar 17, 2017

Tiffany Adams
Jesus Barraza
Christi Belcourt
Melanie Cervantes
Sarah Biscarra Dilley
Glenda Drew
Jesse Drew
Andy Everson

Debora Iyall
L. Frank Manriquez
Jean Melesaine
John Miller
Isaac Murdoch
Tawera Tahuri
Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie

Contrary to popular belief, Native American Indigenous communities have protested for the past 500 years - protested against the stealing of lands, children, women, intellectual property, and identity. Protest has been creatively put forth in many forms; included in this exhibition are works in photography, painting, printmaking, installation and video.

Though deemed invisible by a deaf, illiterate, blind and at times faithless adversary, we continue in our protest with the faith that our ancestors bequeathed. The C.N. Gorman Museum recognizes the importance of current protest, the protest that recognizes the rights of being human.

Exhibiting artists engage with past and current protest, actions, and events that include the Dakota Access Pipe Line (2016-present), Idle No More (2012), Sogorea Te (2011), Foreshore and Seabed Protest (2004), Mary and Carrie Dann (1993), and Maori Land March (1975) alongside ongoing acts of resistance.


Closing Reception & t-shirt screenprinting
March 15 @ 3:30-6pm



Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, Native American Veteran, L. Frank, Standing Rock, 2016
Melanie Cervantes, Solidarity with Standing Rock, 2016
Tawera Tahuri, Karanga Kia Tangaroa, 2016