Conversion (9 min.)
Historical drama about the introduction of Christianity to a remote community on the rez.  Shot on the reservation, entirely in the Navajo language with female leads.
Director: Nanobah Becker

Share the Wealth (8 min.) 
Urban, politically-minded drama about a fictional tax on the homeless and inequity in modern America with female lead.
Director: Bennie Klain

Grace (11 min.)
Drama about an urban Navajo teenager who runs away from home to her aunt's place in Window Rock.  As she tries to find her place on the rez, she inadvertantly becomes involved in class divisions.  Navajo and English, shot on the reservation, female leads.
Director: Darwyn Roanhorse

Osama Likes Frybread (10 min.)
Comedy set on the reservation about two sheep herders who come across Osama bin Laden's hideout on the rez. Frybread!
Director: Sydney Freeland

Horse You See (7:25 min.)
Children's short about a Navajo speaking horse named Ross.  Shot on the reservation and entirely in the Navajo language. 
Director: Melissa Henry

Frybread (3 min.)
Reflective, personal narrative about the filmmaker's identity in relation to her ability to make good frybread.  Frybread!
Director: Sarah del Seronde

Yellow Dust (6:45 min.)
Experimental film using Cold War-era archival footage demonstrating the uses of uranium mined from Navajoland.
Director: Shonie de la Rosa

A Minor Disturbance (4 min.)
Music video shot in and around Shiprock following a young Navajo man as he strolls through his community the rez. 
Director: Blackhorse Lowe

Female Rain (2 min.)
Poem written and performed by author Laura Tohe celebrating Navajo life and the Navajo language.  Navajo and English. 
Director: Velma Craig

On the Way Home (2 min.)
Experimental, silent short about the filmmaker's journey from the city back to his home on the rez. 
Director: Allison Tachine