Conference @ Klieber Hall:

Saturday, April 8 from 9a-5p
Sunday, April 9 from 9a-1p

The C.N. Gorman Museum is pleased to announce the conference and exhibition ‘Our People, Our Land, Our Images’. We have invited 27 Indigenous and Native American photographers to exhibit and speak about their artwork and experiences in photographing their communities. The conference and exhibition demonstrates the long history of Native peoples practicing photography around the globe. A complete list of artists represented in the exhibition and speaking at the conference is below, as well as complete schedule.

Turn-of-the-century works will be discussed and exhibited, such as the work of Jennie Ross Cobb, a young Cherokee woman in 1902, who is recognized as one of the earliest Native American woman photographers. The seminal works of Martin Chambi, Quecha from Peru will be presented by his grandson and representative of the archive Teo Allain Chambi. During this same period, a young man, Benjamin A. Haldane (Tsimshian) set up a portraiture studio in Metlakatla Alaska around 1910, documenting his work and the community. The contemporary artists are leaders in the field and demonstrate the range in which Indigenous artists are creating photographic artwork, from traditional portraiture, political commentary, landscape, and abstract digitalization. Their artworks and teaching have been instrumental in the continuance and development of the field, and some of the promising emerging artists will also be exhibiting their artworks.

The events are free and we invite the public to attend the conference for this unique opportunity to hear 20 Indigenous artists speak about their works.



Click HERE for a complete Schedule (PDF)