Andy Everson, Rise, 2016
Digital canvas print

Indigenous Futurisms:
Explorations in Art and Play

Oct 2, 2019 - Jan 31, 2020

Gaming Curator:
Ashlee Bird

Indigenous Futurisms, according to Grace Dillon (2016), envision Native futures, Indigenous hopes, and dreams recovered by rethinking the past in a new framework. It weaves traditional knowledge and culture with futuristic ideas and settings.

The exhibition brings together graphics, comics, science fiction, and game play to create a provocative space of engagement and thought about Indigenous futures and possibilities. The content and graphics involved with Native American and Indigenous representation in these genres are fraught with embedded stereotypes and in some cases, these depictions are viewed as deeply offensive and racist.

Native American artists and game designers actively engage with these concerns by creating new spaces, environments and platforms for the expression of visual sovereignty. Games and artwork are created, mediated and informed from rich cultural foundations alongside technical media expertise.

The visual artists in the exhibition explore graphics, SF, gaming and superheroes. Game designers engage with language, role play, strategy and cooperative play to create new worlds in computer, tabletop and card games.

We invite you to explore these worlds for yourself through the publications, computer games, and table top games or just sit and enjoy the special edition of Star Wars: A New Hope screening in Diné (Navajo).

Visual Artists:
Sonny Assu
Andy Everson
Jason Garcia
Duhon James
Steven Paul Judd
Cara Romero
Diego Romero
Ryan Singer
Arigon Starr
Michael Toya, Jr.
Jeffrey Veregge
Charletta Yazzie

Game Designers:
Ashlee Bird
Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell
Elizabeth LaPensée
Maize Longboat
Nathan Powless-Lynes
Allen Turner

Special Event!

Game Play & Talk
with Allen Turner

Nov 20, 2019 @ 3pm

Join us in a gaming session of Ehdrigohr with Designer Allen Turner,
and his talk about finding creative voice.

“Cultivating Voice: An exploration of metabolizing narratives
in the quest to create parables of play”

A game designer, storyteller, artist, dancer, and author of Black/Lakota/Irish descent, Allen Turner believes in the power of play and story as fundamental, powerful medicines which shape our sense of self. After working in the video game industry, and freelance storytelling, for over 15 years, Allen focused his design, storytelling, and cultural experience to create, and publish a table-top RPG called “Ehdrigohr: The Roleplaying Game.” which pulls from the myths and folklore of indigenous and tribal peoples from all over the world, while exploring allegorical battles with depression, solitude, identity, and erasure. He has continued to explore the play conversations initiated in Ehdrigohr on his blog via fiction, musings and co-creating personal storytelling and introspection experiences titled “Arboretum Imaginarium” and "DreamWalk".  Allen was one of the writers for "When Rivers Were Trails" and focused on the nature and animal encounter portions of the game. Currently, Allen teaches game design at DePaul University, as faculty for the School of Design, as well as using design concepts as a tool for examining personal narratives and empowerment with local urban youth.  



*Grace Dillion is credited with coining the term, Indigenous Futurisms. For further reading see Grace Dillon (2016), Walking the Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction, The University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Terra Nova, 2019

Arigon Starr,Super Indian, Vol.2., 2016
Bio Pic.jpg
Meet Allen Turner on Nov 20!