C.N. Gorman Museum FLASH! Series presents:

Beadwork by NAS 34: Native American Art Studio

Guest Curators: Students of NAS 34, Winter 2010

In NAS 34, projects specifically focused on beadwork. In the first week, students practiced beading techniques to have one’s hands become familar with the materials. From this emerged a beaded medallion / rosette that was made into a necklace.

After surveying traditional and contemporary beadwork from several different geographical areas, the next project was assigned.

Select a small bag to replicate perferably from the Great Plains area. From the image/design selected, a pattern was constructed. After the small bags were finished, the bags were exchanged within the class, following a tradition of giving away one’s first piece.

The final project was one large pair of beaded moccasins OR two small beaded baby moccasins OR Two pairs of “Van’s” the design of the second pair to reflect one’s family heritage.

NIU PASIFIK: Urban Art from the Pacific Rim

Guest Curator: Giles Peterson

Niu Pasifik is an exhibition of contemporary art from New Zealand and the Pacific Rim from the personal collection of curator and educator Giles Peterson including artwork from Aotearoa,  the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. The exhibition features multi – media work including graph art, painting, drawing, animation, hip – hop music video, sculpture, photography,  tattoo,  installation, embroidery / textile and street fashion.

Shona Pitt  (Cook Islands)
Tivaevae – Hibiscus Pattern, 2006


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