Previous FLASH! Exhibitions

A Gathering of Printmakers, Organized by Melanie Yazzie
Guest Curators: Isra Uz-Zaman and Evelyn Fredericks

Strands of Distinction: Textile Selections from
the Dr. Ben Orlove Collection

Guest Curators: Leelye Tesfamariam and Isra Uz-Zaman

Carl Nelson Gorman: Artist, WWII Code-Talker & Academician
Curated by CNG Student Museum Assistants

NIU PASIFIK: Urban Art from the Pacific Rim
Guest Curator: Giles Peterson

Beadwork by NAS 34: Native American Art Studio
Guest Curators: Students of NAS 34, Winter 2010

Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Guest Curators: Paige Culver and Students for Sustainable Agriculture

Ancestors in Captivity: The Protest Against UC Berkeley's Non-Compliance with NAGPRA
Guest Curators: Alapay Flores and Stephanie Studebaker

Haiti's Hope: Lavalas and the Preferential Option for the Poor
Guest Curator: Leisa Faulkner

Robert Davidson: Eagle of the Dawn
Guest Curator: Stephanie Studebaker

35 Years at the C.N. Gorman Museum
Guest Curator: Cheryl A Masaitis

The Tree of Xibalba: Cacao and the Ancient Maya
Guest Curator: Michael Grofe

Pocahontas meets Hello Kitty
Guest Curator: Melanie Yazzie

NAS 34: Basketry
Guest Curator: NAS 34 students & Kathy Wallace

Carl Gorman and the C.N. Gorman Museum
Guest Curator: Amelia King Kostelac

Searching the Muse
Guest Curator: Richard Castaneda

San Pablito: Community of Artisans and Cultural Continuance
Guest Curator: Kerin Gould

The Kiowa Five
Guest Curator: Amelia King Kostelac

Revival and Resurgence of the Contemporary Textile Art of the Andes
Guest Curator: Tim Wells

NAS 34: Weavers of California
Guest Curators: Students in NAS 34

FLASH! Exhibitions can appear at anytime without notice and for an unknown duration of time! Stop by Hart Hall and the CN Gorman Museum to see the latest exhibit.


Joe Feddersen, Plateau Landscape, 2006
From 'A Gathering of Printmakers'


From 'Robert Davidson: Eagle of the Dawn'


From 'San Pablito:
Community of Artisans
and Cultural Resistence'