FLASH! Exhibition Series presents:

35 Years at The C.N. Gorman Museum
1973 - 2008


In 2008, the C.N. Gorman Museum will be celebrating a 35-year anniversary since it first began exhibiting works by contemporary Native American artists in 1973.

With over 200 exhibitions and even more artists, the C.N. Gorman Museum continues in its long-standing mission to exhibit works by contemporary Native American and Indigenous artists.
The museum has relocated throughout the UCD campus finally settling into its current home in Hart Hall in 1996.

The 1970s featured works by prominent artists such as Harry Fonseca, Jean LaMarr, Leatrice Mikkelsen, Brian Tripp, Linda Lomahaftewa, George Longfish, Frank Day and George Morrison.

Continuing into the 1980s exhibits featured works by James Luna, Truman Lowe, Edgar Heap of Birds, Amalia Mesa-Bains, Peter Jemison, Carl Nelson Gorman, RC Gorman, Jim Schoppert, Joe Fedderson, James Lavadore, Nora Naranjo and Carlos Licon.

One of the first shows of contemporary Native American photography "Compensating Imbalances" kicked off the 1990s with following exhibitions by Mario Martinez, Duane Slick, Frank Tuttle, Jimmie Durham, Diane Tani, Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie, Ester Hernandez, Dugan Aguilar, Pamela Shields, Claudia Bernardi, Zig Jackson and Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith.

Since 2000, more artists have joined this history with exhibitions featuring works by David Ipina, Vivian Hailstone, Julian Lang, Shelley Niro, Lyn Risling, C.Maxx Stevens, Celia Herrera Rodriguez, L. Frank Manriquez, Nadia Myre, Tanis Maria S'eiltin, Frank Shebageget, Ana de Orbegoso, Melanie Yazzie, Noelle Jakeman, Julie Tipene O'Toole.

Many of these exhibitions, such as "Ancestral Memories" in 1997 were not only on view at the CN Gorman Museum, but were toured to other venues. The most recent touring exhibition, "Our People, Our Land, Our Images" continues to share the Gorman's unique vision with audiences at the Burke Museum, Autry National Center, and the Eiteljorg Museum.


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