The Permanent Collections

The permanent collections have grown alongside the C.N. Gorman Museum since its establishment in 1973 to include works by Native American, First Nations and Indigenous artists worldwide.

The Native American and First Nations collections emphasize the museum's focus upon contemporary fine art, representing the wide range of media in which Indigenous artists are working today.

Most of the pieces in collections have been created since 1990, with the majority being works on paper, painting, and mixed media. Earlier works include artists who are considered to be foundational in the canon of Native American and First Nations art.

The collections also reflect museum collaborations and relationships with artists globally to include contemporary artworks from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Australia, Samoa, Bali, Peru, Central America and Spain.

Artworks from the collections are regularly exhibited at the C.N. Gorman Museum and through loans to other institutions. The collections also have an active role in university teaching and research, particularly within the Native American Studies curriculum.

For further information or inquires related to the collections, please contact us at

Collections Highlight

Over the years, many of the printmaker collective portfolios organized by Melanie Yazzie have made their permanent home at the C.N. Gorman Museum. We are honored to serve as a respository by accepting two new portfolios "Imaged Place Map" and "Transferring Thought: Prints by Indigenous Artists". With a total of 38 pieces by 34 artists, each of the series engages with the organizer's themed-prompt and reflects a varying range of techniques, styles and approaches.

Marwin Begaye, Atseetuts'ii (Red Tail Hawk), 2016
Sonya Kelliher-Combs, Artifact, 2016
Linley B. Logan, Plumed Serpent @ the Equinox, 2016
Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Our Mountain, 2016

Donating to the Collections

The Museum seeks to enhance its collections by acquiring works in a number of ways, including selected donations from members of the public. Before an item is acquired, it undergoes a review process to determine how the artwork fits within the museum's mission and existing collections, as well as the long-term commitment required to care for works.

If you are interested in donating to the collections, please contact Veronica Passalacqua, Curator, to tell us about your artwork. Donations are tax-deductible and we provide the information necessary for that process, including a deed of gift and receipt letter.

Because of IRS regulations, the C.N. Gorman Museum cannot appraise or assign a monetary value to items. Those looking for appraisal services may wish to contact the American Society of Appraisers or the Appraisers Association of America.

Artists from the collections include:

May Hariri Aboutaam
Thomas Adams
Dugan Aguilar
Cynthia Alderete
Joseph Allen
Britta Ambauen
Netti Ammi
Maile Andrade
R. Anthony Askew
Erena Baker
Helen Baribeau
Rick Bartow
Lawrence J. Beck
Marwin Begay
Bennie Benally
Laura Bentz
Jesse Billimack
Mervyn Bishop
Lori Blondeau
Christopher Blume
Mike L. Brown
Heather Bryant
Art Burgess
Bertha Felix Campigli
Martin Chambi
Todd Christensen
Chris Christy
Sam Cikauskas
Dana Claxton
Clinton Cline
Michael Conners
Deborah A. Cornell
Natalie Couch
Caitlin Cowger
Brenda L. Croft
Richard Dabbs
Salvador Dali
Mike Dangeli
Evelyn David
Chris Dawdy
Frank Day
Pat Dixon
Emily Arthur Douglass
JoAnn L. Eddy
Diana Eicher
Nizhoni Ellenwood
Jason Engelhardt
Lois Epperson-Gale
Rosalie Favell
Joe Feddersen
Marsha Feigin
Maria Flores
Gordon Fluke
Nicholas Galanin
Ted Sitting Crow Garner
Annie Gedicks
Carol Genna
Ric Glazer-Danay
Louie Gonzales
Carl Nelson Gorman
Alfred Kee Gorman
R.C. Gorman
Shan Goshorn
Karen E. Goulet
Red Grooms
Thomas Greyeyes

Theodore Halkin
Nicole Hand
Rowan Harrison
Edgar Heap of Birds
Guy Herman
Michael Holloman
Jack Hokeah
Anna Hoover
Oscar Howe
Rochelle Huia Smith
Stephanie Hunder
Tony Hunt, Sr.
Doug Hyde
Namen Inuarak
Roanna Jackson
Zig Jackson
Noelle Jakeman
Travis Janssen
Cara E. Jaye
Peter Jemison
Emily Jensen
Jacquelyn Kammerer Cattaneo
Ina Kaur
Kenji Kawana
Sonya Kelliher-Combs
Sharon Kelly
Alan Kite
Eunkang Koh
Katrina Kopeloff
Barbara Lavallee
Florentino Laime Mantilla
James Leslie
Carmel Lewis
Delores Lewis
Lucy Lewis
Tina Linville
George Longfish
White Loon
Erica Lord
Jude Macklin
L. Frank Manriquez
Stanley Mar
Lee Marmon
Delita Martin
Jean McComas
Taryn McMahon
Larry McNeil
Jacob Meders
Da-ka-xeen Mehner
Kimowan Metchewais
Leatrise Mikkelsen
John Miller
Susanne Mitchell
Kimiko Miyoshi
Bess Montgomery
John Takami Morita
George Morrison
Adela Nampeyo
Carla Nampeyo
Maria J. Naranjo
Nora Naranjo-Morse
Shelley Niro
Karen Noble
Raymond Noelle
Ron Noganosh
Michelle Noonan

Weatherby Ornutt
Paul Owns the Sabre
Rosemary Souter Paschall
Nicholas Pascoe
Lloyd W. Patterson, Jr.
Robert Penn
Lillian Pitt
Susan Point
John C. Poleahia, Sr.
Andrew Polk
Kathryn Polk
Michael Pribic
Burt Proctor
Jaune Quick-To-See Smith
Rebecca Ramos
Aimee Ratana
Wendy Red Star
Kathryn Reeves
Lyn Risling
Bryan Ritchie
Natalie Robertson
Celia Rodriguez
Virginia Romero
Dawn Marie Rossbach
Denise Saint-Onge
Allen Sapp
Melissa Schulenberg
Bob Scriver
Pablo Seminario
Ozlem Silverstein
Mariah Simonton
Ryan Singer
Rochelle Huia Smith
Kryssi Staikidis
C.Maxx Stevens
Misuhng Suh
Jae Sullivan
Glory Tacheenie-Campoy
Satoshi Takahira
Yuka Takeda
Julie F. Taylor
Sylvia Taylor
Richard Thomas
Joan C. Thompson
Jose Rey Toledo
Brian Tripp
Andrew Tsinajinnie
Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie
Frank Tuttle
Alexa Unser
Roger Vail
Pablita Velarde
Melanie Walker
Rachel Walker
Kay WalkingStick
Duke Wassaja Sine
Timothy Weaver
Mike Weller
Emmi Whitehorse
Wendy Willis
Will Wilson
Marie-Therese Winsnionski
Kristen Woodward
Melanie Yazzie
Ethel Youvella